What is this site about and where did you get the idea?
Read the About page.

Why do I have create a user to participate?
Since the answer to quiz aren't given right away, I'll need someway of remembering YOUR answers. And where would the fun be if all your answers and scores just where to be forgotten?
Don't worry, creating a user (and everything else on this site) is free.

What can I win in this quiz?
Nothing, except the respect of your fellow quizzers :)

Can I change may answer?
Yes, if the quiz is still running. Just type in you new answer and it will automatically overwrite the old answer.

Which type of movies do you choose for the quiz?
No specific types, there are no limit to genre or age to the movies that might turn up in this quiz.
But basically it comes down to which movies I watch. Thou I watch a broad variety of films, I still love Sci-Fi, horror, adventure, comedy and action flicks the most (in that order). I also have a weakness for low-budget B-movies, but Iíll try to spare you from that :)
There will be no screenshots from short films, documentaries, TV-series and the likes.
To make sure that people have had a chance to watch the movies, there wonít be any movies in the quiz that havenít been released on DVD.

How are the screenshots chosen?
There are a few things I try to keep in mind when snapping screenshot for the quiz:
- That the shot is of something more or less memorable from the movie, something that I myself believe I would be able guess the movie from.
- There are no famous actors, characters, places etc. in the shot, which could be a dead give away.

How are the score for the different screenshot calculated?
Pretty simple. The screenshot, which was correctly identified by most people, is worth less points (2). The second most correctly identified screenshot is worth one more point (3) and so onÖ
If two screenshots have same number of correct answers, the oldest movie will get the highest score.

What about AKA titles?
A movie like e.g. "Army of Darkness" is known by at least 9 different titles like "Evil Dead 3" or "The Medievil Dead". I reference with IMDB and all titles youíll find there will be accepted as correct. Various local language titles will not be accepted.
If I get a lot of answers with an AKA title unknown to me, Iíll check it out and add it as a correct answer.
But double checking with IMDB is always a good idea, there you can also check your spelling.

What happens if I misspell my answer?
By default a misspelled answer is a wrong answer.
But each week before the scores are calculated, I manually go though the answers and if I spot a misspelling, I'll correct it and you'll get your points.

What about movies from the same series?
I know a screenshot of e.g. The Millennium Falcon can be pretty hard to tell which Star Wars movie it is from. So when choosing screenshots from movies that are in a series, Iíll try to choose screenshots that wonít put you in this dilemma.
But no matter whatís in the screenshot, if itís taken from e.g. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars: Return of The Jedi IS A WRONG ANSWER. No safe bets by just typing Star Wars. In this case the answer Star Wars, will be interpreted as a guess on Star Wars: A New Hope.

Why do I loose scores in The Hall-o-Fame?
You donít really loose any score in The Hall-o-Fame, but it may look so with both the Past Month and Past Year Hall-o-Fame.
The Past Month Hall-o-Fame only keeps track of the past 4 quizzes (a month). When a new quiz ends, your scores are added to The Top Past Month Hall-o-Fame and your scores for the quiz 5 weeks ago are no longer part of the past month. So if you scored 14 point 5 weeks ago, but only 10 this week, you drop 4 points in The Top Past Month Hall-o-Fame.
The Top Past Year Hall-o-Fame works the same way, but instead of 4 it track your score back 52 quizzes (a year).
The Top All Times Hall-o-Fame tracks your scores back all the way to the day you started and that score will never drop, only raise.