The cookie issue have been fixed and the "Remember me" auto login are working again.
Due to scheduled relocation of the hostcenter, that is hosted at, the site will be inaccessible from Saturday 11th 12:00 o'clock (CEST).

The site should be up and running again at around Sunday noon, but may be down past the Sunday deadline, so make sure to get your answers in as early as possible.
It's been more than 4 years since the last themed quiz, but now they're are back. Starting week 39 with the first of the following themes: Drawings, Plants, Kids and Clowns.

As usual, no rules, scoring or anything will change during the themes. The quiz will be exactly the same as always, and identifying one shot will not help you identifying another.

Quiz away
Some of you might have tried adding comments to a quiz, just to have it disappear as soon as you pressed the "add"-button.

It was a little bug, which some of you where nice enough to point out and it has now been fixed.

If you find other bugs or have suggestion for the site, please tell me about them via the emailform.
Everything needs to be on Facebook these days and now has joined the realm as well.

You won't find anything on the Facebook page, that you won't find here. But join the page and show your fellow Facebook dwellers, that you like and maybe we can reach a few new moviebuffs out there, that for some reason never have heard of this awesome quiz :)

Facebook page here

Also, the past few weeks problems with the Hall o Fame, have been fixed.