About MovieScreenShot.com

MovieScreenShot.com is a movie screenshot quiz made by a movie lover for other movie lovers. If you have been filling your brain with useless movie knowledge, this site gives you the chance to put it to use!

Each week there will be a new quiz with 5 screenshots from 5 different movies. You’ll have until the following Sunday, to identify which 5 movies the screenshots are taken from.
All you have to do is, login and go to this weeks quiz and type in the titles of the movie you see in the screenshots.
Your answers are then saved and when the quiz ends at the end of the week, you can see which ones you got right and have many points you scored. You'll also be able to see yours and other score statistics for the weeks quiz and for all the previous quizzes.
Remember, you don't have submit all your answers at ones and you can change your answer as many times as you like, until the quiz deadline.

The force with a movie screenshot quiz vs. a "normal" movie quiz is first of all, looking up the answer on The Internet Movie Database is impossible.
Second, the human brain remembers everything as images. That's why it sometimes can be hard to remember specific details from movies, but instead you'll be surpriced how easy it can be to remember a single image from a movie you watched years ago.
And thats what makes this type of quiz fun :)

For now the weekly 5 screenshot quiz is all this site is about, but more might be added in the future.

If you for some reason need get in touch with me, you can contact me via this mailform.

Enjoy and good luck

-The Baptizer