Daylight savings just ended and the quiz is online an hour later than usual.

About a week ago the site have started to load a bit slowly. So far I don't what's up, but I am in contact with my webhost and hope to have it resolved soon.
Quizmaster is going on vacation :) Answers for week 30 may therefor be delayed for up to 4 days.

Have a great summer all of you :)
Not to give too much away, but one of the shots from this weeks quiz (week 29), is a foreign film with a special character in the original title, that for some reason doesn't register when you submit your answer.

Please recheck your answers before tomorrows deadline. If one is missing, just use a similar looking character or the English title, and you will still be rewarded points for your answer.
From the start of this weeks quiz (week 25 of 2020) there has been a minor bug in the answer reception, and some submitted answers may have been lost.

The bug has been fixed at about 10 hours after quiz launch. Please check you submitted answer and verify that nothing is missing. If you keep having problems resubmitting, please contact me via the contact form or facebook.
I've been saving screenshots for a while from various direct-to-stream-movies, but couldn't really agree on whether to use them in the quiz or not. But with releases like Bright, Cloverfield: Paradox and Annihilation, it was pretty obvious that we would miss out on some great content, if I just ignored the streaming only releases.

As you've probably already notice I've tried some streaming releases such as Spectral, Arq, iBoy and Mascots in some of the past quizzes, most of which ending up as the hard 6 pointer. Whether that is due to limited audience on the streaming platforms or just a hard screenshot is hard to tell.

Basically direct-to-stream aren't much different from direct-to-dvd or TV-movies, which I already use, so be prepared to see more streaming releases in the coming quizzes.