I've been saving screenshots for a while from various direct-to-stream-movies, but couldn't really agree on whether to use them in the quiz or not. But with releases like Bright, Cloverfield: Paradox and Annihilation, it was pretty obvious that we would miss out on some great content, if I just ignored the streaming only releases.

As you've probably already notice I've tried some streaming releases such as Spectral, Arq, iBoy and Mascots in some of the past quizzes, most of which ending up as the hard 6 pointer. Whether that is due to limited audience on the streaming platforms or just a hard screenshot is hard to tell.

Basically direct-to-stream aren't much different from direct-to-dvd or TV-movies, which I already use, so be prepared to see more streaming releases in the coming quizzes.
An issue solved on last weeks quiz (week 39) regarding answers with leading or trailing blank spaces, that where incorrectly regarded as wrong.

The issue seems to be isolated to week 39 and is most likely due to the new database server.

An auto trim on submitted answers have been added and should prevent this from being an issue in the future.
After some minor tweaking we are up and running again at the new hosting company.

Everything seems to be running perfectly, but if you notice anything I've missed, please contact me.
The cookie issue have been fixed and the "Remember me" auto login are working again.
Due to scheduled relocation of the hostcenter, that MovieScreenShot.com is hosted at, the site will be inaccessible from Saturday 11th 12:00 o'clock (CEST).

The site should be up and running again at around Sunday noon, but may be down past the Sunday deadline, so make sure to get your answers in as early as possible.